Redevelopment of Neighborhood Centers

Redevelopment of Neighborhood Centers Policy

Plano will encourage investment in and redevelopment of underperforming developments within neighborhood centers to accommodate local commercial, retail, and entertainment uses within walking distance of residents. 
Redevelopment of Neighborhood Centers Action Statements

Conduct a study that identifies retail corner redevelopment opportunities and includes resident input for desired businesses and land use activities.
Target specific retail sites around Plano to serve as catalysts for redevelopment.
Provide incentives such as public improvement districts (PIDS), tax increment finance (TIFs) districts, or finance utility upgrades to encourage reinvestment and redevelopment of neighborhood centers. 
Create the Neighborhood Mixed-Use (NMU) zoning district and establish regulations and standards for residential mixed-use development.
Establish design guidelines within the NMU zoning district that provide a direct connection from the neighborhood center to surrounding residential areas.
Develop a Parker Road Corridor Plan to encourage cooperative redevelopment of retail sites, increase housing options, and identify opportunities.  pending

Supporting Materials and Resources
Housing Value Retention Analysis
Zoning Ordinance
Corner Retail Design Guidelines
Shopping Center Review
TriCity Retail Study