Big Ideas - 10 Key Components

Ten key components make up the structure of Plano Tomorrow. Within these ten components, there are 41 policies and over 270 action statements, all of which are intended to work together to improve Plano for the future, balancing the diverse needs and desires of our varied and dynamic community. It is necessary to look at the policies and supportive maps in concert with one another to realize the full nature of the plan. A summary of the component priorities is listed below. 
Land Use and Community Design
Land Use & Community Design Priorities 
  • Support a system of organized land use to provide greater housing and employment choices, where new and redevelopment areas respect existing neighborhoods and businesses
  • Incorporate unique and functional community design components within all new developments, public spaces and streetscapes 
  • Encourage reinvestment and redevelopment of regional transportation corridors 
  • Reserve remaining undeveloped land for high quality development emphasizing businesses offering highly skilled employment and limiting housing and retail uses
  • Encourage a mix development uses within walking distance of existing and future rail stations and bus transit centers 
Component Page and Video: Land Use & Community Design
Policy Pages: Land Use | Community Design | Redevelopment of Regional Transportation Corridors | Undeveloped Land | Transit-Oriented Development 
Maps: Future Land Use Map | Growth and Change Map | Expressway Corridor Environmental Health Map
2 Transportation

Transportation Priorities 

  • Develop an integrated, multimodal transportation system that improves the safety and efficiency of the roadway system for all users 
  • Enhance and maintain a safe regional bicycle system to provide a viable option for travel
  • Provide access to a convenient transit network to increase travel options
  • Utilize Transportation Demand Management to reduce journey to work trips and mitigate traffic congestion 
  • Pursue a universally acceptable and well-connected pedestrian system that promotes walkability 
Component Page and Video: Transportation
Policy Pages
: Roadway System | Bicycle | Public Transit | Transportation Demand Management | Pedestrian Environment
Maps: Thoroughfare Plan and Cross-Sections | Bicycle Transportation Map
3 Housing and Neighborhoods

Housing & Neighborhoods Priorities 

  • Conserve and enhance established residential neighborhoods and preserve the suburban form that contributes to the overall community character 
  • Encourage investment in and redevelopment of underperforming developments within neighborhood centers 
  • Accommodate senior and special needs housing through inclusive regulations 
Component Page and Video: Housing & Neighborhoods
Policy Pages: Neighborhood Conservation | Redevelopment of Neighborhood Centers | Special Housing Needs 
4 Quality of Life

Quality of Life Priorities 

  • Expand emergency management initiatives and education to better prepare the public and city staff during emergencies
  • Enhance present high quality public safety and outreach initiatives to lower crime rates and sustain quality fire protection
  • Educate the community on the importance of property maintenance and provide proactive inspections
  • Strategically plan and implement improvements to city facilities and infrastructure 
  • Partner with private enterprises, nonprofit organizations, Collin County, Plano ISD, and other entities to provide adequate support to underserved populations 
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive park, trail, recreational, fitness, and sports facilities and programs
  • Partner with local medical providers to create and health and wellness initiatives that increase active living and citizen well-being
  • Enhance and expand the existing library services to accommodate additional community needs
  • Partner with school districts and assist with local education initiatives and opportunities to ensure high quality learning within the city
Component Page and Video: Quality of Life
Policy Pages: Facilities & Infrastructure | Public Safety | Emergency ManagementProperty Standards | Active Living & Citizen Well-Being | Libraries | Social Services | Parks & Recreation | Educational Opportunities
Maps: Park Master Plan
5 Sense of Community

Sense of Community Priorities 

  • Create memorable and unique public spaces to enhance community character and build neighborhood identity 
  • Promote the advancement of arts and cultural amenities with private and nonprofit partners to enhance quality of life and enrich community culture 
  • Embrace our unique historical character and authenticity 
  • Pursue community building efforts and initiatives to strengthen community cohesion and belonging among residents
  • Seek civic participation from all ages, ethnicities, and cultures to increase citizen involvement 
Component Page and Video: Sense of Community
Policy Pages: Placemaking & Public Spaces | Arts & Culture | Heritage Preservation | Community Building | Community Involvement & Participation 
6 Building and Site Efficiency
Building & Site Efficiency Priorities 
  • Reduce energy consumption by implementing energy efficient building codes and making sustainable investments to new and existing facilities
  • Increase the use of solar power and other renewable sources to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, improve air quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Require design and use of erosion control plans and stormwater pollution plans to protect biodiversity and ecosystems 
  • Ensure the city has adequate water supply to meet the long term needs of the citizens
Component Page and Video: Building & Site Efficiency 
Policy Pages: Building & Development Design | Renewable Energy | Stormwater Management | Water Conservation 
7 Environmental Quality
Environmental Quality Priorities 
  • Reduce the overall disposal of waste and increase reuse and recycling 
  • Conserve and restore open spaces and natural resources to increase resilience, adaptability, and biological integrity 
  • Maintain the city's urban forest to improve air quality and the health of citizens 
Component Page and Video: Environmental Quality
Policy Pages: Waste Minimization | Open Space & Natural Resource Conservation 
8 Diverse and Resilient Economy
Diverse & Resilient Economy Priorities 
  • Focus to retain existing businesses 
  • Target outreach to innovative knowledge-based companies to ensure a diverse and resilient economic base
Component and Policy Page and Video: Diverse & Resilient Economy 
9 Jobs and Workforce Development
Jobs & Workforce Development Priorities 
  • Assist the education and businesses communities in developing a competitive workforce to provide job skills demanded by the regional market place and employment opportunities for local graduates. 
Component and Policy Page and Video: Jobs & Workforce Development

10 Regionalism
Regionalism Priorities 
  • Accommodate regional population growth in identified areas while preserving the suburban character of the community 
  • Evaluate regional transportation options with consideration of the impact on existing residential and businesses development
  • Lead the region in developing policies that assist the region in reaching attainment for air quality
  • Assume a regional leadership role regarding water issues and work with North Texas Municipal Water District member organizations to encourage more efficient water use and conservation
  • Partner with neighboring cities to provide municipal services and plan for compatible growth
  • Partner with local and regional education institutions to provide quality educational opportunities 
Component Page and Video: Regionalism
Policy Pages: Population Growth | Regional Transportation | Air Quality | Regional Water Conservation | Consistency with Neighboring Cities | Regional Education

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