2018 Map Amendments

Starting in 2016, the Parks and Recreation Department worked with and solicited feedback from the community to update the city’s Park Master Plan. Updating the Park Master Plan also presented a need to consider updates to the Comprehensive Plan, as the Park Master Plan Map and the Bicycle Transportation Map are adopted components of each document. Additionally, the Comprehensive Plan’s Future Land Use and Growth and Change Maps account for parks and recreation facilities, major private open spaces, and other social amenities that are guided by the Park Master Plan. In addition to these Comprehensive Plan map amendments related to the Park Master Plan, city leadership also amended the Growth and Change Map in order to account for development that has already occurred. These amendments were approved by City Council on October 22, 2018 - view the ordinance. View the complete Comprehensive Plan ordinance with the updated maps.

The newly amended Comprehensive Plan maps as well as the original maps are available below. 2018 Amended Maps include all the approved amendments as adopted. Redline of Draft Amendments detail proposed map amendments by including comments and notations. Original Adopted Maps are unaltered and were part of the original plan as adopted by City Council in October, 2015.

Learn more about the Park Master Plan Update and review the final policy document at the Park Master Plan project webpage.

Past Meeting Dates:

  • July 24 - Planning & Zoning Commission briefing: packet | video
  • August 20 - Planning & Zoning Commission briefing: packet | video
  • September 17 - Planning & Zoning Commission public hearing: packet | video
  • September 24 - City Council briefing: packet | video
  • October 1 - Planning & Zoning Commission public hearing and consideration: packet | video
  • October 8 - City Council public hearing and consideration: plan packet | maps packet | video
  • October 22 - City Council ordinance consideration: packet | video