Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

Transit-Oriented Development Policy

Plano will proactively encourage and incentivize development within walking distance of existing and future rail stations or bus transit centers to create an integrated mix of uses including residential, employment, retail, and civic spaces.
Transit-Oriented Development Action Statements

Develop Criteria for Review of Transit-Oriented Developments and update as necessary.
Prioritize and prepare station area plans to guide development patterns within 1/2 mile of identified transit stations.
Rezone property within 1/2 mile of transit stations to encourage urban design and increase development opportunities.
Establish parking maximums in transit-served areas and identified Compact Complete Centers.
Develop plans for the K Avenue/DART light rail and the 14th Street/Cotton Belt commuter rail corridors to address redevelopment of retail and multifamily sites and encourage new development around transit stations.
Pursue land banking techniques around existing and future transit stations to ready the environment for redevelopment.
Prepare developer “Request for Qualifications (RFQ)/Request for Proposals (RFP)” for disposition of city property and include language describing vision, incentives available, and regulatory requirements.

Supporting Materials and Resources
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