Built Environment Vision

Plano is a vibrant city with attractive and walkable neighborhoods, distinct mixed-use urban centers with active nightlife, strong commercial corridors, and a multimodal transportation system that includes a variety of transit options.
Land Use & Community Design Policies and Actions

Land use planning provides general guidance for the development and use of all land within the city, while community design addresses the relationship of buildings to each other, streets, and public spaces. The Plano Tomorrow Land Use & Community Design component is part of the Built Environment and includes policies for land use, community design, redevelopment of regional transportation corridors, undeveloped land, and transit-oriented developments. 

Review the video to learn more about Plano Tomorrow's Land Use & Community Design component. The five policies below include the action statements that are necessary to achieve the Plano Tomorrow Built Environment vision. Individual policy pages include a preference survey and visitors are encouraged to participate by prioritizing the policies! ​
Land Use
Plano will support a system of organized land use to provide greater housing and employment choices, where new and redevelopment areas respect existing neighborhoods and businesses. 
Urban Design
Plano will promote and incorporate unique and functional community design components within new developments, public spaces, and streetscapes to enrich areas throughout the city, create distinctive visual character, and ensure a citywide pedestrian-friendly environment.

Transit Oriented Development
Plano will proactively encourage and incentivize development within walking distance of existing and future rail stations or bus transit centers to create an integrated mix of uses including residential, employment, retail, and civic spaces.
Expressway Corridors
Plano will encourage reinvestment and redevelopment of identified regional transportation corridors to create cohesive developments that incorporate well-designed housing, commercial, and retail opportunities.
Undeveloped Land
Plano will reserve its remaining undeveloped land for high quality development with distinctive character, emphasizing businesses offering highly skilled employment and limiting housing and retail uses, except when integrated into compact complete centers to ensure adequate land for projected employment growth.