Community Design 

Community Design Policy

Plano will promote and incorporate unique and functional community design components within new developments, public spaces, and streetscapes to enrich areas throughout the city, create distinctive visual character, and ensure a citywide pedestrian-friendly environment.
Community Design Action Statements

Develop Criteria of Review for Community Design elements and update as necessary.
Community Design Assessment for Mixed Use Developments (Draft)
Evaluate the use of overlay districts to require unified design standards in transformation areas of the city.
Create a Corridor Community Design Plan to identify unique streetscape design themes along major arterials.
Evaluate and create incentives to relocate overhead utilities underground for new development and redevelopment projects.
Develop wayfinding signage guidelines to apply to special areas and public facilities citywide.
Evaluate and make revisions to parking regulations to ensure a balance between the needs of various transportation options and creating good community form.

Supporting Materials and Resources
Zoning Ordinance